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The CORE Sensor

The CORE Sensor

Trusted by athletes, coaches & sports scientists

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Find your ideal pace, explore your outer limits, and chase your potential - simply going by real-time data feedback on your core temperature. 

During exercise and competition, your core body temperature rises. As it rises above the threshold you lose power and performance decreases.

At the same time, chances of dehydration, overheating, fatigue, and injury rise. Take control with CORE.


Learn more about the CORE sensor here.

Heat adaptation

Adapt to the climates you are training and competing in through heat acclimation and heat training, and learn how to hydrate before, during, and after the workout and competition. Use real-time data feedback to prevent dehydration, so that you don't overheat, get fatigued, or get injured.

Used by the best

Olav Alexander Bu, the coach, scientist and researcher behind Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden, says that “being able to manage temperature is very important in training and competition”. Get a more intuitive understanding of your body by using the Core sensor. Find your phase and control your intensity with core body temperature data.

How it works

The CORE temperature sensor is not a thermometer. It measures your core temperature indirectly from non invasive body skin temperature and thermal power production (heat flux). Using the Core sensor will give you a better understanding of hydration before, during and after exercise. It will also give you an competitive advantage in long distance competition and when competing in hot and humid climates.


The sensor is usually worn by fastening it to a conventional heart rate belt, or with custom adhesive patches.

The sensor can easily pair up with a smartphone, Garmin, or other smart watches.

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