The story behind the phrase "Du kan auka!"

The story behind the phrase "Du kan auka!"

The very first photos where Kristian quoted me saying "Du Kan Auka" in social medias. From Sierra Nevada, Spain, in 2018.

The phrase; "du kan auka" simply means "you can increase". What makes it a tad special is that there is some Nordic history to it. It is written in Norwegian Nynorsk, which is used by 10-15% of the Norwegian population. The difference between Nynorsk and Bokmål are so small, that foreigners mistake Nynorsk and Bokmål for being different dialects.

Short history lesson: The reason for having two written languages in Norway is because of our union with respectively Sweden and Denmark. This caused the language to change slightly over time and bokmål was at one point almost indistinguishable from danish. However, Norway declared its independence in 1814, and Nynorsk was created by Ivar Aasen as a compilation of the most commonly used words found in the "original" Norwegian dialects.

Both Gustav and Olav grew up with Norwegian Nynorsk, hence "du kan auka". Kristian and Casper would normally say: "du kan øke". However, it was their suggestion that we keep "Du kan auka" as the name for this concept.

 Anyhow - we are online, we will share our journey, discoveries, innovations, and income from this will go back into further advancement of current technologies - and some new where we see needed.

For our customers, we will strive to share our knowledge and go into detail of how we work, test, analyze, methods, create bespoke / specific protocols to gather in-depth intelligence, adjustments and programs to optimize all the way from calorimetry to speed.

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