DU KAN AUKA simply means "You can increase"

The phrase is not a keyword as to how you should train, but it is a testament to the personal involvement of our team. It is simply an inside phrase with its origin from Sierra Nevada when training runs smoothly.


We are not the only elite team that uses science to try to gain the leverage of the final percent. However, we have proven that in many ways we have come further than anyone else. If you break it down, our fundamental philosophy will work for anyone. Not only that, the further you are from an Olympic gold, the easier it gets to improve. 

Simply put; You start with fuel or nutrition, from that fuel you body transforms calories into power, and by the end it comes out as velocity. However, a lot of that initial energy is "lost" on that path to the highest possible average speed (velocity). The person the supplies the most fuel and turns it into velocity more efficiently will win. There are alot of ways, call it gaps of efficiency, where you can improve. We aim to fill those gaps and to find the best tools we need to do it.

In the end we will share our knowledge, tech and nutritional insights with you!


Our team engage in Research & Development alongside the product manufacturers. From our experience the best tech is developed when researchers, scientist and users (coaches and athletes) work together. We have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners to provide the best possible tech, nutrition and understanding. Together with CORE, MOXY and VO2 MASTER, MAURTEN, STRYD and many more to come, we aim to always the bleeding edge sports tech.



The founders of DU KAN AUKA

Kristian Blummenfelt

Olympic champion, WTCS World Champion, Ironman World Champion, Ironman 70.3 World Champion and has won multiple international races incl. two WTCS grand finals. Kristian also won the Ironman 70.3 Middle East Championships three times and holds the current Ironman (07:21:12) and 70.3 World Records (03:29:04).

Gustav Iden

70.3 World Champion title, 2022 debut victory at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, emerging from Kristian’s formidable shadow and smashing the overall Kona course record with a blistering 7:40:24. On top of that, he rewrote the marathon course record with a 2:36;15.

Olav Aleksander Bu

Internationally renowned high-performance coach and sports scientist. He is perhaps best known for coaching arguably the two greatest triathletes in the world, Kristian and Gustav. Additionally, Olav also coaches the Norwegian Olympic Sailing team and consults for multiple world tour cycling and elite track and field teams. Olav is also co-founder of the companies Santara Tech and Entalpi. We could go on.

Alexander Broberg Skeltved

Elite swimmer and later triathlete for the Norwegian national teams, he competed in European and World Championships. He went on to become an elite coach, and was part of the Norwegian Triathlon team for 2 olympic cycles. He has a PhD in physics and experience as a scientist and researcher in natural sciences.