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VO2 Master Health Sensors Inc.

VO2 Master

VO2 Master

Trusted by athletes, coaches & sports scientists

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Get your VO2 Master analyzer.

The VO2 Master is in our opinion the only reliable and truly portable analyzer in the market. It allows us to take our lab with us wherever we go. More importantly we can now get accurate measurements in the environment that is representable for where we compete.

Its is the next generation in metabolic assessment. Reliable, easy to use and affordable. 

Contact us for an online demo at or through our contact from at the bottom of the page. 

How it works

The VO2 Master is the next level in performance & metabolic assessment. Reach your performance and fitness goals with the most portable, easy-to-use, affordable VO2 metabolic analyzer.


Attach the analyzer yourself anywhere, and accurately identify your maximum effort. Measure your speed, VO2 Max, Heart Rate, Ventilation, Tidal Volume & Respiratory Frequency. Monitor and identify your personal training zones, and analyze performance data and resting metabolic rate.




  • Real-time results, anywhere - no assistance is needed.
  • Use guided testing protocols: step test, resting metabolic test, intervals, 5-1-5 assessment & “free mode”.
  • Automated reports & real-time results to help you exceed your limits: data backup via VO2 Master Cloud, sharable, live coaching from anywhere in the world.
  • Track results straight to your Garmin watch.


The 3L Calibration Syringe is an adjustable 3-liter air syringe used to calibrate the VO2 Master Analyzer. The 3L set-point calibrates the Medium and Large User Piece sizes. The syringe connects to the VO2 Master Analyzer by means of a 30cm flexible tube. The tube is connected to the analyzer using a plastic adapter and a silicone seal is included with the analyzer. For more information, check out the Quick Start Guide included with your analyzer.


Everything you need to get started is included in this package.


  • Unparalleled portability and easy to use.
  • Comfortable and preferred by our athletes to any other metabolic system.
  • User friendly and easy to assemble
  • Can be used outside in temperatures above 10 degrees C. 
  • High accuracy across all ranges of Oxygen uptake from Rest to world class. 
  • An easy to use app with well designed reports. 

Why should you consider a metabolic analyzer?

  • Discover your maximal metrics for optimal results.
  • Identify key ventilatory thresholds and get your range of aerobic intensity zones.
  • Learn how efficient you are at different workloads and calculate your calorie consumption at your competition workloads. 
  • By comparing your metabolic profiles over time, your will learn to personalize your training or that of your athletes.
  • Optimize weight, nutrition, and fitness planning with personalized resting metabolism results.

VO2 Master Analyzer Kit Contents:

  • 1 – VO2 Master Analyzer
  • 1 – Blue Hans Rudolph V2 reusable mask (size selected when ordering)
  • 1 – Hans Rudolph five-point head strap (sized to match the selected mask size)
  • 3 – User Pieces: One Resting, one Medium, and one Large (includes a Mask Locking Nut for each User Piece)
  • 1 – User Piece hand tool (Used to aid in installing/removing the Mask Locking Nut)
  • 1 – Hans Rudolph adjustable 3L calibration syringe
  • 1 – Syringe Calibration Adapter + Silicone Piece (Additional Petite Mask Sealing Gasket, only supplied with the petite mask)
  • 2 – Syringe hoses
  • 50 – Single use filter discs
  • 1 – Additional Desiccant Cartridge
  • 1 – Polar Heart Rate Monitor + Strap and instructions
  • 1 – Nanuk 910 waterproof, impenetrable and indestructible hard case
  • 1 – Quick Start Guide
  • 1 – Calibration Certificate
  • 1 – Cleaning kit, includes swabs and wipes

Connect third party sensors

  • Heart Rate
  • SMO2
  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Cadence
  • Smart Trainers
  • EMG

Service and additional costs

The VO2 master requires very little service, the only cost related to use is one filter per test, roughly 17 NOK pr test


The O2 sensors require an annual re-calibration. The calibration is required independent of the amount of use and costs from 5800 to 8500 NOK.


With the newest version of the VO2 Master, the O2 sensors can be replaced where you are. You simply get a new calibrated set of sensors, once replaced you return the used set. 

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