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Stryd duo

Stryd duo

Trusted by athletes, coaches & sports scientists

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We are impressed with how accurately the Stryd Duo track your stride. That is the game changer from the single Next Gen Stryd.

Recover from injury, monitor fatigue, visualize performance or track footwear impacts,, if this seems interesting, consider getting the Stryd Duo.

Upgrade Your Next Gen Stryd

Already have a Next Gen Stryd? You can easily create your Stryd Duo. Add a second pod, pair them with the new Stryd mobile app.

Whats different with Stryd duo and Footpath

You now have 1 sensor for each foot. The link together to give millimeter and millisecond precision not just on power and velocity, but on the movement of your feet through each stride. 

With the footpath subscription you can compare the stride of you left and right foot.

  • Stride lengths
  • How high or wide does your feet go?
  • Have you been injured and wondered why it is always the same foot? 
  • What really happens when you start your way back from an injury, do you favor one side to the other?


What precicely Do You Get with Stryd Duo?

  • New balance metrics
  • Ground Contact Time Balance
  • Vertical Ratio
  • Vertical Oscillation Balance
  • Leg Spring Stiffness Balance
  • Impact Loading Rate Balance


Optimize intensity control

Stryd duo does of course have the same metrics as the single Stryd version:

  • By tracking your power it makes it much more easy to control your intensity in uphills or downhills. 
  • It is easy to compare power to velocity and find out how efficient you are, and how much you are improving. 
  • Consistency between indoor and outdoor training makes it easy to compare and analyze sessions.
  • The online Stryd power center is a fantastic tool to analyze your stryd sessions. 

In short, this tool will allow you to control intensity and estimate the training load, much more accurately.


Stryd is compatible with all major watch brands. I.e Garmin, Polar, Suunto. Apple, Wahoo, Coros and more. 


..and of course it syncs with VO2 Master and is a great tool to compare your metabolic metrics to power when running. 

How to Use Stryd Footpath?

Stryd Footpath lets you visualize your footpath throughout your runs. Track your recovery, monitor fatigue, assess drill impact, explore footwear choices, and visualize your performance transformation.


Note: Stryd Membership is required for viewing and analyzing Stryd Footpaths and you find it at the Stryd store. 

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