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The new gen Stryd running sensor is a game-changer. By capturing essential metrics like power, cadence, ground contact time and even wind resistance, this sensor provides real-time data to optimize your form and control your intensity. Seamlessly integrating with your preferred devices and training platforms, it offers personalized guidance tailored to your goals. The durable and lightweight design ensures comfort and reliability in any conditions. In addition, it accurately gathers data on treadmills or indoor arenas where GPS normally fails. 

With Stryd, you can train smarter, more easily control your intensity and better analyze your workouts.

Pacing you run sessions with Stryd

The Stryd running sensor is in our opinion the most accurate running sensor out there. 

Measuring intensity through power makes much more sense than simple distance and time. The Stryd running sensor take into account wind resistance aswell as gradient when running up- or downhill. It is also consistent between outdoor and indoor training. 

In short, this tool will allow you to control intensity and estimate the training load, much more accurately.

The next gen Stryd's new capabilities

  • 5x improved responsiveness for the most accurate pacing
  • track lower body stress to keep healthy and sustain your performance
  • new running profiles to tailor power pacing to your workout conditions
  • sprint accuracy for tracking improvements in speed work

These new capabilities come from Stryd’s newly added

  • upgraded sensors
  • new advanced materials
  • next gen design


Stryd is compatible with all major watch brands. I.e Garmin, Polar, Suunto. Apple, Wahoo, Coros and more. 

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