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VO2 Master Health Sensors Inc.

Silica Gel Dessicant packets

Silica Gel Dessicant packets

Trusted by athletes, coaches & sports scientists

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These are pure and safe silica gel packages of premium quality that are made without Coblat Chlorid, they are rechargeable and made to keep your VO2 Master dry when it is not in use.

How it works

Each 20g packet contains a mixture of white silica gel beads and a few orange-indicating beads. When the indicating beads become saturated, their color will change from orange to dark green. 


  • Comes with 10 individual 20g packets and 100 individual 0.5g packets
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Excellent Permeability
  • Tear Resistant

Use in an airtight sealed container for maximum performance.

Included in the package

Silica Gel Dessicant pouch:

  • 10 x 20g
  • 100 x 0.5g
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